Rozhans. Originally from a continent far to the south, the Rozhans were the families, retainers, and servants of a large royal house that had been expelled from the Empire of Dai-Orrozhai. They settled hundreds of years ago on Sonendar, bringing with them the splendid wealth and uncountable riches of the southern continent.

A few hundred years ago, the Easterreich was out of cash from its many wars, and they agreed to a royal marriage with the Kingdom of Rozha, intermarrying for the sake of the Rozhans’ massive wealth. This is how the Ossen-Rozhan Empire was formed.

Happy Oktoberfest!! — Oh wait, it’s nowhere near October!!
Done at the nudging of a buddy.

Happy Oktoberfest!! — Oh wait, it’s nowhere near October!!

Done at the nudging of a buddy.

Almeria gets old. She looked like the type to get fat with age, so that’s what I did!

EDIT: Added Klara. I think something tragic happened to her between 24 and 34….

I figured that it was about time to do a character sheet of some of the major characters that’ll be appearing in Almeria’s Kingdom. The top row are “Allies”, the middle row is “Neutral”, and the bottom row are likely “Antagonists”.


Hahaha, look at that girl shimmy those elbows and arms, and the dude with the napoleon hat in the back. It’s just so entertaining!

DrSunshine’s School of Character Design

It’s less a matter of what things to include so much as what to avoid. Follow these simple admonitions, and you’ll be sure to create characters that are, at the very least, not unappealing (to me).

When designing a character, please avoid the following:

  1. Pointless frou-frou and accessories.
  2. Details that are just meant to be “quirky” to show how unique and special the character is.
  3. Gigantic, overcomplicated, decorative weapons.
  4. Clothing that would be uncomfortable, impossible, or unnatural to move around in.
  5. Clothing that no sane person would want to wear in reality.
  6. Egregiously flashy colors on a character whose personality or job is meant to be low-key.
  7. Drawing a perfectly distinct outline around the breasts of a female character who is wearing a shirt.
  8. Ruffles, lace, ribbons, strings, fishnet, veils, scarves, belts, and various other miscellaneous dangly bits on a character meant to be engaged in strenuous physical activities.

When designing a character, please do ask yourself the following:

  1. "If I was them, what kind of clothes would I wear?"
  2. "Would this make sense, or am I just putting this here because it appeals to me?"
  3. "What is the purpose of this item? What does it say about the character’s choices?"
  4. "How does this character maintain their appearance over time? What do they do when the weather changes?"
  5. "How do they go to the bathroom?"

By following these simple, basic rules, you can avoid such common pitfalls as “looking like an idiot who watched too many cartoons and read too many comic books” and “unwittingly creating and subsequently getting emotionally invested in a Mary Sue”.

Taking time off from posting drawings of moé anime girls to post something that just makes me smile in a goofy dumb way.

Baby Gramps singing “Big Rock Candy Mountain”. :D

(by the way, the answer to the previous question is 1) “The open steppe, a fleet horse, falcon at your breast, and the wind in your hair” or 2) “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women.” Either would have been acceptable!! )

I have decided!!
I like this character!

I have decided!!

I like this character!



We’ve Won Again!

We’ve won again! This is good! But what is best in life?