Some concepts for Goh. A robot girl cat-burglar thief who’ll be appearing someday in By Her Wandering Blade. She works as a waitress part-time during the day. Go check out BHWB’s artist raocow’s tumblr:

Ignore the fact that my artist is a fool and can’t spell “forward”.


Sometimes I think it’s okay to just admit that you like looking at certain kinds of people naked and that’s okay.

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Man, I must be a little fucked up because depressed, traumatized, wheelchair-bound Korra makes me a lot happier than it should.


Every single catchphrase or piece of jargon that TVTropes has ever coined is almost unilaterally nauseating, annoying, and obnoxious.

Art Envy

Sometimes I look at all the artists I follow on Tumblr and I keep wondering “Why can’t I draw stuff that looks as cool as them?” :C

Anonymous said: About the anime figure thing?? I do it because I think the figures are cute and I enjoy looking at them and collecting? I own more poseable figures than not, so I can make comics and change the way they look once and a while. And not all figures are sexy? I'm a hetero female, and a minor, so I don't really have any reason to buy those. Idk why you'd want to go hating on a hobby that people enjoy? I guess its a personal thing, but whatever, if it makes you feel better, then have fun.

Dunno where you got the idea I was hating on anyone, I was just voicing my incomprehension!

DrSunshine does “Various Ghibli characters”— to a varying degree of success.

Forgive me for being Mr. Robot, but…

… I just don’t understand why people buy anime figurines. And that’s speaking as a person who probably has more manga on his shelf than he should. I mean— they don’t do anything, they just sit there and collect dust. I like having manga because it’s easy to read while sitting on the toilet, or on the train or bus.

But unlike collectible merchandise such as, say, Star Wars figures or something, there isn’t a substantial collector’s market for unique, first editions and so on, so they don’t make sense from a financial standpoint. Perhaps ostensibly as just a decoration, then? But who would decorate their house with anime figurines? It seems that they’re more of a private thing — the idea of putting an anime figure on your mantelpiece or the coffee table strikes one as absurd. Does this 6-inch figure of a maid flipping up her skirt perfectly offset the living room curtains?

So what’s the point? It’s one thing that I just can’t grok.

The latest chapter of Aricelle: By Her Wandering Blade is up!

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